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Our “Mission” is simple – We protect the Patient, Physician and Practice.

Why are you receiving a drug test today?

Medication monitoring screening is a widely available and familiar method for monitoring opioid use in chronic pain patients and patients on controlled medications.

Your physician is ordering a medication monitoring test to protect you as a patient. In order to ensure compliance and place confidence in the patient-physician relationship, your doctor may necessitate a medication monitoring test. This will guarantee that you are taking the drugs prescribed and only those medications. If you were to stray from the medications prescribed, you could be placing your health at risk. Narcotic medications can have significant cross-reactions with other medications. A medication monitoring test may prevent an unnecessary adverse event.

Your physician is ordering a medication monitoring test to protect his medical license. Physicians face significant risks by prescribing controlled medications. Patients may divert their prescriptions, take too much, or combine them with illicit substances, etc. These risks are reduced by physicians subjecting patients to medication monitoring testing, pill counts and pain agreements.

Pain management safeguards are necessary in this day and age to protect both the patient and provider. The common denominator is pain relief and improved quality of life for the patient, while at the same time providing for the highest level of patient safety and minimizing the chance of prescription diversion.

The overlying theme for why it is appropriate to drug test patients in one word is: PROTECTION. Ensuring compliance with a narcotic treatment program or controlled medications will allow better outcomes for the patients along with implementing appropriate safeguards for the doctor and his or her practice.

Medication monitoring is supported by the Texas Medical Board, Official Disability Guidelines (ODG), the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and the Federation of State Medical Boards.

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