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Our “Mission” is simple – We protect the Patient, Physician and Practice.


Mission Toxicology is a high complexity reference laboratory located in San Antonio, Texas. We offer Qualitative and Quantitative medication monitoring screening. Urine is the best specimen for Qualitative/Quantitative screenings, as blood is relatively insensitive for many common drugs, including psychotropic agents, opioids, and stimulants. Qualitative medication monitoring screening testing is used to detect if a particular substance (analyte) is present in the body with a positive or negative result. Quantitative medication monitoring screening testing tells you how much (the quantity) of a parent drug and/or metabolites, therefore demonstrates recent use, of prescription controlled medications and illicit drugs.

We currently provide a 14 panel Qualitative test for:

  • Alcohol, Amphetamine, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, THC, Methadone, Opiates, Oxycodone, Barbiturates, Soma, TCA, pH Detect, Specific Gravity Detect, Creatinine Detect.

Medication monitoring screening is a widely available and a familiar method for monitoring opioid use in chronic pain patients and patients on controlled medications. Medication monitoring testing can provide tools for tracking patient compliance and expose possible drug misuse and abuse.

In order to help physicians provide the best care for each individual patient, we offer several different testing options for Qualitative and Quantitative testing. Physicians have the ability to create their own patient profile and test only the necessary drug classes need to determine compliance

Our “Mission” is simple – We protect the Patient, Physician and Practice.

“A practical approach to medication monitoring screening is: A Baseline drug test; initiation of opioid therapy then; Low risk patients 1-2 medication monitoring tests a year; Moderate risk patients 3-4 medication monitoring tests a year; High risk patients 4 medication monitoring tests a year or every month, office visit, or every drug refill”. This is recommended by the “Official Disability Guidelines”.

What sets Mission Toxicology apart from other labs?

Mission Toxicology is local and committed to quality testing. We will collect specimens and perform the test the very same night, which allows us to provide provide Qualitative test reports within 24 hours. Quantitative Tests will take up to 36-48 hours.

Many labs will require you to run a complete comprehensive panel of multiple drug classes and illicit drugs rather than allowing the physician to choose individual analytes to test per patient. This cuts down on over utilization of services and increased billing to the insurance companies, while still keeping the practice in compliance.

Medication Monitoring:

  • Helps physicians evaluate patients, support assessment and diagnosis, and advocate on behalf of patients.
  • Helps to identify possible drug – drug interactions.
  • Helps to identify possible misuse, abuse or diversion.

“Prescription opioid use is on the rise, it is increasingly important for clinicians to effectively manage the medication adherence of their chronic pain patients. The American Pain Society and American Academy of Pain Medicine guidelines for chronic opioid therapy state that “clinicians should consider periodically obtaining medication monitor screenings or other information” as part of their plan of care. Medication Monitoring is supported by the Texas Medical Board, Official Disability Guidelines (ODG), the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and the Federation of State Medical Boards”.

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